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Announcement of Retirement After Long Service

6 Jul 2015

                          Department of Phtogrammetry and Remote Sensing 

It is with great pleasure to announce the retirement of Surveyor Dr. Oyinloye with mixed emotions. He retired on July 3, 2015, which incidentally was the day he turned 60years.

Dr Oyinloye, joined RECTAS on 2nd January, 1986 as a lecturer. He contributed a lot to this institution. He has been an outstanding professional of RECTAS. He is a professionally based Surveyor and a specialist of photogrammetry. Since he joined RECTAS, he has occupied so many positions like Head of Department, Head of Academic and Research Division now called Dean of Academics. He is committed to his duty with higher level of punctuality and strictness in teaching and research activities.

While working at RECTAS with heavy responsibilities, he obtained two different Master of Science degrees, one in environmental study, and the other in Business and Administration management. He also obtained DESS degree in France and some other certificates in the Netherlands. His skills in research lead him to a Doctorate of philosophy (PhD). His availability to Research makes him today authors of so many publications internationally recognized. All these achievements led him to the grade of Associate Professor. He is retiring today after spending 29 years with RECTAS   but he is not tired to acquire the grade of full Professor.

Sir on behalf of your colleagues of PRS Department I say thank you very much for positive achievement. You are an example that we have to follow. Happy Retirement.

On the other hand, six long decades of life haven’t slowed you down even a bit. You are happy, healthy and tremendously fit. Hope you continue living life in the same way. On behalf of your colleagues of PRS Department, I wish you a HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY, may our Lord Give you long life and many returns.



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